The Bridal Scenarios 

The Organised Bride has a scrapbook full of pictures, she loves the bodice of the one pic, the flow of the skirt of another, lace finish on the back and the simpleness of the front neckline. But she also tried on dresses to see if there is One Dress with all these ideas of hers. She tried on 10 at the one place, 5 at another, but still no dress.....

Another scene... The Unsure Bride has no idea what she likes as she doesn't wear much dresses, but she has some thoughts about comfort, fit and details. She has tried on many dresses but still haven't found 'the one'. Feeling more and more 'low' about the whole wearing-a-wedding-gown thing.....

The Discerning Bride has had one picture for a long time and knows this is 'The Dress'......

The Traditional Bride has to follow the ethics and rules of her religion when adorned for her wedding day rituals, but she wants to still look modern and Elegant......

The Unique Bride has a theme with a difference and wants it to be resembled in her wedding gown. She has some ideas of styling and detail but needs 'that something' uniquely different designed into it....

You might be in a different situation to the scenarios set out above, a romantic, modern, vintage, gatsby, natural, fun or sparkly bride,  there is a Dreamy gown waiting  at Rene H Couture to be created....

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Brides are all unique in their own personality, bodystyle, quirks and tastes. The Wedding dress should reflect just that, like your own unique fingerprint, your dress is created only for you, no one else can wear it like you can. Created with your ideas, your shape and style.

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The Bride meets with Rene at the studio in Big Bay, where the ideas around the wedding and her gown is discussed with fine details, fabrics are looked at  and the design of the dress compiled. 

Rene believes any dress style suits any figure type, She thinks out of the box of the norm, and then creates the Bride's dream gown to suit her figure proportions perfectly. The secret is to shape the dress to the proportions of the Bride to create the styled look but to enhance the beauty of the lady wearing it whilst adding little touches to finish it to perfection. 

Rene will then provide the Bride with the quotation of her wedding gown all inclusive of what is needed to create the dress. 

The Pricing is hugely dependent on lace and handwork, the hours that has to be spent making the gown and finishing it to the Bride's specs. 

Price range is from R5 500 to R30 000. Rene does discuss the available budget of the Bride and what can be done with it in detail. 

Fabric shopping is always done together with the Bride to ensure the correct fabrics and laces are obtained for the creation of her dress.

Creating the Wedding gown

The fitting schedule is worked out for the Bride which she confirms. 

Rene proceeds to make the patterns, and preparing the dress for all the fittings by which there are 3 to 4 scheduled. Lace is cut and prepped for applique work , beading sourced etc. 

The Bride stays highly involved in this process as she communicates her ideas and likes, during the fittings to ensure the best end result.

The Wedding gown is then hand finished with lace, crystal and glass beading, as per discussion with the Bride.