Dear Bride to be

Thank you for choosing Rene H Couture's website to view.

My heart is that every Bride's dreams come true. By so creating dreamy one of a kind wedding gowns that the Brides can enjoy and feel beautiful in and can call their very own.

This starts with the engagement and then the steps to planning your Big Day. You have your file, with tons of ideas, you might have specifics or a mishmash of many details you are longing to see flow together. You might have tried on many dresses and feel a little overwhelmed, discouraged or just downright over it. But to take a breath and sit down together and chat about all your ideas, color-themes, budgets, concerns, etc. will bring Your dream wedding gown right into perspective. - This is how we will approach your dress-. The consultations are free as to make for a comfortable and free environment to work and be creative in.

Please enjoy viewing my website and If you have any questions or need ideas and referrals to amazing service providers in the Wedding industry please feel free to email or fill in the contacts page, I will answer your message asap. 

May the process of planning  your wedding be an amazing experience and please remember that it is YOUR big day and follow your dreams. 

Many blessings

Rene Heydon

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